A singing event for amateur chorus of any size with headphones.
Meditative and lush, the performance asks each singer to spontaneously become their own lyricist. The culminating choir is a collage of storytelling in four-part harmony. Listeners are invited to hone in on individual voices, or take in the harmony of the whole.
Duration: 20 minutes.

Any level of singing experience can take part. Anyone’s Story can be presented as a participatory event or sonic meditation in a public space. The work requires no rehearsal and can be assembled minutes before the event with smart phones and headphones. Each audio guide gives the performer a unique sequence of pitches and volume instructions.
Participants download the audio guide corresponding to their voice type to their phones (or portable music player of choice)
SOPRANO (highest)
ALTO (medium high)
TENOR (medium)
BASS (lowest)
Then, put on headphones, don some sunglasses, and, press play simultaneously with the other singers, chanting along with your guide. Use whatever words come to mind in whatever language you want. Say how you feel. Tell a story. Comment on what you hear. Recite one of your poems.
Alternately, it can be presented as a more prepared performance piece, by assembling a group of singers in advance (any level of experience) and trying it out at least once before.

Lincoln PoPs Festival :: September 21, 2019 @ 6pm


2011 - Exapno, Brooklyn
2012 - Beasts of Improv, Boston
2013 - School of the Arts, Singapore
2013 - St. John the Divine, Make Music New York MASS Appeal, New York
2019 - Lincoln PoPs Festival, Lincoln, NE

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